FLOM Roadmap 2016-2020

1. Our task

FLOM exists to hasten the spreading of the kingdom of God among the nations of the world, according to Christ’s Great Commission.


2. How we work

We are a Bible-based Evangelical Lutheran missionary organization.

We send workers to plant and water the seed of the kingdom of God, especially in places where there are few or no Christians or Christian churches.  We also invite other Christians to take responsibility for the fulfilment of Christ’s Great Commission.

We are committed to a holistic view of missions, which holds that mission work involves both proclaiming the Gospel and working to improve the living conditions of poor communities and promote sustainable development.


3. Values and principles guiding our work

All our work, both in Finland and abroad, is motivated by the atonement of the cross.  We acknowledge Jesus as the only saviour of the world.

We believe that every individual has the right to hear the Gospel.  We work to give birth to and build up churches in places where Christ is not yet known.  We serve people and communities in a holistic manner, following Jesus’ example.

We love and respect all people and treat each person as a God-created individual.

We seek to collaborate with other like-minded entities.


Toiminnan suunta4. We aim to

Grow whilst remaining rooted

Our faith, our work and our lives lean on Jesus Christ.  Rooted in him, we live out our faith and take responsibility for spreading the Gospel holistically.

We are a part of God’s mobilized people.  We are motivated by the Word of God and prayer.  We recognize the Jewish roots of our Christian faith and our place in the continuum of the protestant missions revival.

We are a Lutheran missionary organization that works to reach the unreached and seeks to do so in collaboration with others. We maintain and renew our working methods, approaches and structures in order to be able to better serve those in need.  We are responsible stewards of the financial and personnel resources entrusted to us.

Call others

We invite the people we meet to be mission-minded: to live in and be part of Jesus and his Church and to work towards the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

We build new connections and inspiring networks that promote missions.

We communicate new perspectives and inform about our activities both clearly and in a way that invites participation.  We articulate the change that the Gospel brings.  In order to do this, we use appropriate technology and multiple channels.

We let go when it is appropriate to do so and shift our focus to new areas.

Bear fruit

We prepare and send Christians to serve Christ and others, supported by the Word of the Bible, prayer and Christian fellowship.  We do so in collaboration with local congregations and communities.

We proclaim the Gospel, trusting that the Holy Spirit will give birth to faith and Christian congregations.  Our development work improves people’s lives.  We rejoice in the fruit of God’s work.

We share the gifts that have been bestowed upon us with the communities, congregations, cooperation partners, friends and other Christian actors with whom we work.

We abide in Christ in order to bear fruit for the benefit of others.