Laskentatoimen osaaja Keski-Aasiaan

Kielitieteellistä tutkimustyötä tekevä kumppanijärjestömme hakee työntekijää toimistoonsa Keski-Aasiassa:


We are seeking an experienced accountant to serve on-site in a challenging environment, to work with the Finance Manager and then replace him while he is away for six months. A cool-headed, warmhearted professional would be ideal in this role — someone who is ready to face cross-cultural challenges and to depend on God for solutions to the problems of daily life on the field. Come learn to rely on Him in new ways!

In order for employment by FLOM, candidate has to be resident in Finland.

Main responsibilities:

  • Paying bills, arranging for bank deposits and withdrawals, doing payroll
  • Training and overseeing local workers
  • Performing verification processes with invoices
  • Assisting general accounting

Training & Orientation:
Volunteers will be given an individualized training and orientation program.