Clinical Psychologist Trainer, Central Asia

 Developing Clinical Psychology Professionals in Central Asia


FLOM’s partner organiaation aims at developing its Mental Health Clinic into a Mental Health Training Centre for the professional treatment of the mentally ill according to evidence-based standards and the mental health training (theoretical and practical) of medical professionals (including involvement in psychiatric residency training for doctors, possibly specialisation for psychiatric nursing and psychologists to become a part of multidisciplinary team).

The MHTC in the western part of the country will further build up and through training contribute to maintaining the mental health care capacity of the public health sector in the Western Region in order for it to provide mental health services according to the MoPH requirements. This project will be a part of the Mental Health Program that the organisation wants to develop in other locations in Central Asia.

Length of Service Long Term


Western part of the country with some travel to other major towns.

Personality Profile

  • Able to work collaboratively within a multicultural team setting
  • Willing to live and work by the organisation’s Core Values
  • Act as a role model
  • Team building skills
  • Concern for the wellbeing of the project staff
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Willingness to learn from others
  • High motivation to develop quality mental health care in the country
  • Ability to give guidance in the development process of clinical work in MHTC and in health care sector in the country
  • Resident in Finland

Job Purpose

To develop the professional skills of the MHTC doctors and nurses in clinical work and research, and to develop Clinical Psychology as a profession in the Mental Health Program in cooperation with MoPH.

This position has a focus in MHTC in the western part of the country while also contributing to other clinics and any other Mental Health activities the organisation implements.

Responsible to In local MHTC matters for the local MHTC Project Manager and in the organisation’s Mental Health Program matters to the Program Support Director for Health.

Responsible for

The local MHTC Psychologist Team in technical/professional development matters.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop the professional clinical environment of MHTC
  1. Clarify professional roles and encouraging development of professional specialties.
  2. Facilitate multi-disciplinary communication.
  3. Implement protocols to ensure the quality of work (e.g. clinical case meetings, treatment plans etc.)
  4. Contribute to strategic thinking for MHTC.
  5. Advising Project Manager, Nursing Team Leader and Clinical Doctor about issues of people management, particularly staff sustainability, self-care and resilience.
  • Create post-graduated clinical psychologist training in collaboration with MoPH
  1. Liaise with MoPH, public and private universities to determine what resources are currently available and how the profession of psychology is understood in the country.
  2. Develop clinical psychology training materials and conduct training courses for psychology interns in cooperation with MoPH
  3. Develop clinical psychology practice at MHTC including assessment, therapy, research and multi-disciplinary team work.
  4. Supervise and evaluation all clinical work of the psychology interns in MHTC by working beside them.
  5. Supervise undergraduate training activities by psychology interns.
  • Contribute to training of local MHTC doctors
  1. Work with MHTC Clinical Doctor to identify gaps in knowledge or practice, with a particular focus on differential diagnosis and research methods.
  2. Develop training materials to meet these needs.
  3. Coach clinical work as requested by the Supervising Doctor, including participating in clinical meetings.
  • Contribute to training of local MHTC nurses
  1. Work with MHTC Nursing Team Leader and Expatriate Nurse Trainer to identify gaps in knowledge or practice, with a particular focus on psycho-social counselling.
  2. Develop training materials to meet these needs.
  3. Coach clinical work as requested by the Nursing Team Leader, including participating in monthly meetings as appropriate.
  • Develop & promote research capacity in mental health in the country.
  1. Stay informed about current trends in psychology practice and research and use this to ensure MHTC practices are consistent with this.
  2. Review current data collection at the local MHTC to ensure ethical procedures and to improve the quality of data.
  3. Liaise with MoPH regarding research activities.
  4. Train the local MHTC staff in research methods & oversee research activities.
  • Support the local MHTC leadership team including promotion of the organisation’s core values
  1. Participate in management and leadership meetings
  2. Contribute to annual performance appraisals and job description reviews when requested.
  3. Deal with inquires of potential new expat personnel and/ or trainers together with the local MHTC project manager and the organisation’s Health Support Director
  4. Regular reporting about training activity progress for the local MHTC Project manager and the organisation’s Health Support Director.


  • Qualified clinical psychologist with clinical experience
  • Experience/interest in training others
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to speak Dari and eagerness to learn more
  • Computer skills