Executive Assistant (Toiminnanjohtajan assistentti)

Length of service:
1 year minimum, 4 years preferred
Our Partner organisation’s International Headquarters in Central Asia

Personality profile:
This person has the desire and ability to see the overall picture of the organisation and assist the Executive Director (ED) in fulfilling her responsibilities. She/he has good people skills, is a team player and enjoys administrative tasks and office organisation. She/he also has a lot of self initiative and enjoys communication. Flexibility and adaptability are personal strengths, yet the person is also able to focus on specific tasks. A good level of computer literacy, a confident and assertive approach in dealing with people at all levels, a proven ability to achieve results and a keen eye for detail should underpin outstanding organisational and communication skills. Discretion with confidential information is vital.
Job Purpose:
To provide administrative and secretarial support to the ED, the Leadership Team (LT), the General Assembly and the Board. This position is essential in the preparation and recording of organisational level meetings and in safeguarding that proper documentation (policies, minutes), files and archives are maintained and updated. To project an appropriate image of the organization through in-person and phone interaction.
Responsible to:
Executive Director
Responsible for:
Office Manager and Liaison Officer
Key responsibilities:
• Provide comprehensive administrative support to ensure the smooth running and accurate recording of the LT, Leadership Task Force (LTF), General Assembly and Board meetings
• Assure that Board and General Assembly meetings are prepared properly in regards to logistics, including catering
• Maintain a current index of all policies, guidelines and procedures, and minutes
• Support the ED by recording meetings held outside the HQ as necessary
• Deal with delegated correspondence, primarily with the Member Agencies and country wide Team general information
• Produce for the organization an calendar of meetings, events and deadlines
• Manage a circulation file to all Directors containing significant letters and documents
• Oversee the updating of archives held in the UK
• Assist the ED with national and international travel.
• Arrange in-country travel, work and entertainment schedules for official visitors.
• Solve various day-to-day problems without upward referral
• Maintain Team Member contact list
• Act as a focal point for Regional Team Leaders
• Other tasks assigned to the Assistant to the ED

Main Tasks and Activities:
• Record the LT meetings
• Together with the ED Prepare agendas for IAM LT, Board, Finance Committee, and General Assembly meetings and circulate those according to agreed time frames
• Assist the Board members with visa issues and travel arrangements when coming to meetings
• Assist the ED in correspondence and emails
• Support the ED through meeting scheduling and identifying issues that those who want to meet with the ED would like to raise
• Assist the ED in organisation-wide communications (forwarding necessary documents, Member Agency communications etc.)

• Training, experience and interest in administration and organizational level office management
• Proven ability to organise, plan and prioritise work
• Cultural sensitivity in the work environment.
• Must be resident in Finland

Basic Skills:
• High level of competence in spoken and written English
• Good computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets and databases, use of the internet and a willingness to develop new skills.

Enquiries: rekry (at) kylvaja.fi