Social Work Consultant in Mental Health Project, Central Asia

FLOM’s partner organization aims to develop, facilitate and take part in developing social work activity in the Mental Health Program


Mental Health Training Centre

Length of Service

Long term, at least two years


Western or Northern part of the country, may involve travel to other regions at times

Personality Profile

  • Resident in Finland
  • Able to work collaboratively within a multicultural team setting
  • Act as a role model
  • Team building skills
  • Concern for the wellbeing of the project staff
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Willingness to learn from others
  • High motivation to develop social work in relation to clients of mental health care

Job Purpose

Developing social work activity in the Mental Health Program of partner organization

Responsible to

In MHTC matters for MHTC Project Manager and in Mental Health Program matters to the partner organization’s Program Support Director for Health.

Responsible for

MHTC social worker/s.

Key Responsibilities

  • Developing  the social work aspect of mental health in MCTH
  • Networking with possible stakeholders in the area of social work in the country
  • Co-operating with Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) in developing social work
  • Surveying areas of need for social work
  • Creating  activities where social work specialty can be applied into mental health work


  • Qualified social worker with work experience
  • Experience/interest in training and coaching others
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to speak Dari and eagerness to learn more
  • Computer skills