Hallintopäällikkö pitkäaikaiselle työkaudelle ja laskentatoimen osaaja lyhyelle työkaudelle Keski-Aasiaan

Kielitieteellistä tutkimustyötä tekevä kumppanijärjestömme hakee kahta työntekijää toimistoonsa Keski-Aasiassa seuraavasti:

ADMINISTRATOR, Position ID 54874

Are you an experienced manager who appreciates challenge and adventure? This position requires the
cross-cultural skills to work with both national and expatriate staff in an urban office setting. Besides
having a strong sense of organizational history and values, you would need to navigate a high risk
context that calls for cultural sensitivity and flexible attitudes.

Main responsibilities:

  • Providing administrative assistance to Field Leader
  • Interacting with local staff
  • Building relationships with government and partner organizations
  • Maintaining records, providing reports as needed
  • Establishing a good office atmosphere



We are seeking an experienced accountant to serve on-site in a challenging environment, to work with
the Finance Manager and then replace him while he is away for six months. A cool-headed, warmhearted professional would be ideal in this role—someone who is ready to face cross-cultural
challenges and to depend on God for solutions to the problems of daily life on the field. Come learn to
rely on Him in new ways in this short-term role!

Main responsibilities:

  • Paying bills, arranging for bank deposits and withdrawals, doing payroll
  • Training and overseeing local workers
  • Performing verification processes with invoices
  • Assisting general accounting

Training & Orientation:
Volunteers will be given an individualized training and orientation program.

Enquiries: rekry@flom.fi