Kielenoppimisen asiantuntija Keski-Aasiaan

Language learning advisor

Job Purpose: To manage the Partner Agency’s Language and Cultural Orientation Programme helping its team members and other expatriates to learn the language and culture of the country.  This is an essential role since one of Agency’s acceptance and functioning strategies is to speak the local language(s) well. 

Essential Qualifications:  Competence in a second or third language and a desire to facilitate learning in others. Ideally qualifications and experience in language acquisition.

General about our Partner Agency and the country

We need graduate qualified people with a passion to serve in Central Asia, who can commit up front to 12 months or a few years.  Our partner agency (and the Government who issue our visas) is committed to capacity building and so we are looking for people who are able and committed to coming alongside local colleagues and helping them further develop skills and professional competence as we serve the people of the country together. If you have work skills and experience to offer us, a willingness to be flexible and a desire to be in the country in question, learning, serving and sharing then please keep reading!  We welcome families, singles and couples.

In order for Finnish Lutheran Overseas Mission (Kylväjä) to be in compliance with Finnish labour legislation, we unfortunately have to require persons seconded by us to the Partner Agency to have be resident in Finland at the start of the employment.

You would be living, working and getting to know your neighbourhood and region in the company of other expatriates, with housing and other basics provided (from a regular team member fee paid by FLOM), experienced leaders and mentors to encourage you in all dimensions of life – including intensive language learning in the first 6 months (for people committing to 2+ years).  Team shared language for the expats is English.  All the international team members are from the partner agencies view volunteers, providing their own support to be here so you would be invited to join them through one of their many international partners, who take care of preparation and support. The Partner Agency expects at least some basic training in personal security and cross-cultural living before you arrive, as well as psychological and physical health checks, references from colleagues, friends and local fellowships, and agreement with our approach to life and work as followers of Jesus in a strictly muslim country.  Most placements begin with some months of dedicated local language learning. Fluency in English is necessary.