Finnish Lutheran Overseas Mission

The Finnish Lutheran Overseas Mission (FLOM) is a Christian mission and development organization affiliated to the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We are a Bible-based organization whose aim is to share the Christian message in word and deed, particularly in those areas of the world in which there are not currently Christians or in which local Christian communities are still small in size and in need of external support.

FLOM is committed to a holistic view of mission work, according to which mission work includes both Christian proclamation work and work aimed at improving people’s living conditions and reducing poverty.  Since 1979 FLOM has participated in numerous development cooperation projects in various countries in Asia and Africa.  In addition to development work carried out with local development NGOs, we also encourage the local congregations we work with in developing countries to demonstrate their faith in a practical manner by serving the poor and needy within their local communities.

  • FLOM was established in 1974
  • The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church accepted FLOM as one of the it’s official mission organizations in 1979
  • FLOM currently works in Bangladesh, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Japan and in several different Muslim and Jewish communities
  • Our organization has about 40 mission workers
  • Each mission worker is supported both financially and in prayer by his/her own support group
  • FLOM cooperates with national Lutheran Churches, other like-minded organizations and also local and international Civil Society Organizations
  • FLOM’s work is funded by support from the Finnish Lutheran Evangelical Church’s “general fund”, through missionary support agreements with individual Lutheran congregations and through private donations
  • FLOM’s development cooperation work is implemented with funding from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs


For the training of new missionaries FLOM organises an annual mission course, usually held in Finnish. If you are interested in working overseas with FLOM – please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and provide you with useful information. Now is the right time to apply for the 2022 mission course.

For more information about the course and how to apply, please contact the recruiter Raija Hämynen, +358 44 534 7114,


Contact information

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