Siirry sisältöön

Reaching the unreached


We work towards spreading God’s Kingdom especially in areas, where there are little or no Christians or Churches. We are committed to a holistic view of missions, which includes both the proclamation of the gospel and services which aim at the improvement of the communities’ life and at sustainable development. 

We are an official missionary agency of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and a long-term partner with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in development cooperation work.

As pioneers, we are taking the gospel to geographically new areas and to people groups, who are still unfamiliar with this treasure.

We believe in the power of cooperation – therefore we work with national Lutheran Churches, other missions’ organisations, and also other local and international actors.

More than half of our operations are funded by private donors. In addition, we receive funds from missionary support agreements with individual Lutheran congregations and testamentary gifts. Our development cooperation projects receive grants from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Our annual budget is 5 million euros, of which 75.5 percent is directed to work abroad.

Founded in 1974

Do you know what the Finnish name of our organisation means? It comes from the parable of the Sower: “The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world” (Matthew 13:37-38).

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