Bangladesh and Japan

FLOM supports the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bangladesh and implements development cooperation projects which aim to improve the living conditions and health of the most vulnerable. The projects are largely funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.
The support of Finnish sponsors enables the running of two boarding houses for pupils who live far away from their schools.

In Japan FLOM works with The West-Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (WJELC) to reach the unreached. FLOM workers have been engaged in diverse occupations serving small congregations, developing activities for the Church and teaching at the Kobe Lutheran Theology Seminary. Small groups play a vital role in reaching people and sharing the gospel.


Asia Minor, the Caucasus and Central Asia

FLOM’s work in Asia Minor is mainly parish-based work in large cities. FLOM also supports a sister church in Bulgaria.

In the Caucasus FLOM is involved in educational work in a Christian school and also in language work in cooperation with two local organisations. The gospel is shared in Bible studies and Sunday gatherings and through personal contacts.

In Central Asia FLOM participates in a development cooperation project which supports the rehabilitation of people traumatized by recent crises including local disturbances, war and other types of unrest. FLOM works in co-operation with an international Christian non-governmental organization.


Mongolia and East Siberia

In Mongolia FLOM participates in parish-based work, sports ministry and development cooperation. Three Lutheran parishes and several associate parishes have been established through our work in the country. FLOM workers also organize sports events and camps for children, youth and young adults together with local parishes. These events always include a short devotion, where the gospel is shared with the participants.
FLOM currently has two development cooperation projects in Mongolia which promote the equal participation of deaf and disabled people in society. The projects are largely funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

In Buryatia FLOM workers are involved in spreading the gospel, children’s ministry and providing Christian literature in the Buryat language for the Lutheran congregation in the city of Ulan-Ude. FLOM also participates in the church’s social work.
FLOM began working in the Sakha Republic in 2015 at the request of the Church of Ingria. The aim of this work is that the currently small group of Christians will eventually become an independent parish within the Church of Ingria.